LinkedX’s gPublication provides multimedia publication for all presentations of EclipseCon2009

SAN JOSE, CA : March 22, 2009 – LinkedX announced gPublication, a Flex-based innovative product which provides great value for event organizers, sponsors, and attendees. In addition to superior and just-in-time session content access, it helps build community around the content and enhance face-to-face networking experience at the event. It can generate new revenue for the event through its unique advertisement, sponsored views, and lead generation solutions.

All presentations of EclipseCon2009, EclipseSummit2008, and EclipseCon2008 are published using gpublication.

What is gPublication?

gPublication is an online multimedia content publishing system for events such as conferences, seminars, forums, and corporate meetings. It enables social-business networking before, during, and after the event by building a community around your event and session content.

Why should a conference use gPublication?

gPublication enhances networking at the conference, fosters community development around content, provides just-in-time and superior access to session content, enables monetization, and reduces cost of online portal. It provides custom viewers for embedding content on the conference site or internet to widen the viewership such that you can still monetize and outreach through the embedded content.

Which part of a conference site does gPublication affect?

gPublication is a significant step up for how your conference’s session content is accessed. It does not affect the main site except for the links and embeds that you may want to put add on the site.

What is the lead time required for enabling gPublication?

We recommend that you enable networking and content access about one month prior to the conference. Session content usually becomes available during the two weeks before the conference and often just prior to the session at the conference. Attendees start to plan activities for the conference 2-4 weeks in advance. Many features such as mobile networking and in-session networking are used mainly at the conference.

Main benefits of gPublication:

- Increased registration
- Extreme networking
- Community development
- Superior and just-in-time content access and distribution
- Monetization through Ads, sponsored views, and more

Key features of gPublication:

- Who is attending the conference, invite friends to attend
- At conference networking: Session- and track-wise networking (from laptop or mobile)
- Live chirps (tweets) per session during conference (from laptop or mobile)
- Who is attending a session from laptop or mobile
- Organization of impromptu meetings with session/conference attendees on the spot using laptop or mobile
- Create of My Schedule and sharing it with friends, view schedules of other attendees from laptop or mobile
- Community blogs, discussions, tweets, photos, videos
- Unified and direct access to all multimedia content (presentations, documents, files, videos, podcasts, audio clips, webcam captures)
- Addition of personal and community notes on slides while presentations are being made
- Search within and across multiple conferences
- Advanced embedding capabilities to distribute content on the conference site and web
- Separate control for free and fee-based content access for attendees and non-attendees
- Give desired access to conference networking and community for non-attendees
- Ads and Online expo with multimedia content, lead generation, surveys for advertisers and sponsors
- Customization to enhance the conference image and value

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