Eclipse University (EU) of AvantSoft, Inc. is a training portal that offers innovative learning solutions from Eclipse and Java Community including Eclipse member companies and individual experts. In addition to classroom Instructor-led training, EU offers VIRTUAL classes and bootcamps with live instruction and hands-on labs using web meeting facilities. Learning solutions are geared for enterprise Java developers at corporations as well as individual developers all over the world.
Eclipse University offers corporate and public training in technology areas of:

      • JQuery, Android, YUI, Sencha
      • Eclipse, Plugins, RCP, GEF, GMF, EMF, JDT, CDT
      • J2EE, Struts, Hibernate, EJB, AJAX, JSF, Spring
      • Web Services, XML, Java, Design Patterns, OO, UML
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  Eclipse RCP testimonials


EU-AvantSoft Eclipse RCP training has been delivered for hundreds of companies in US, Sweden, UK Ireland, Korea and Bangalore.


"The lectures and detailed hands-on labs were perfect for learning the concepts and practicing them. This training gave us an excellent head-start on our new Eclipse projects"



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Eclipse University’s Eclipse Plugin, RCP, GEF, EMF training & consulting has been delivered since last four years to over 50 companies all over U.S., and also in Canada, Sweden, U.K., Ireland, Korea, and Bangalore. Our clients are from software, manufacturing, finance, defense, medical, communication, education, and government segments. This has given our instructors and consultants extensive experience in application of Eclipse technology for enterprise large-scale applications.
"Eclipse RCP Virtual training saved us lot of hassle and money towards travel. Instructor handled virtual class very well by presentations using web meeting facilities. Course slides and hands-on labs are very detailed. They are excellent source for future reference in our project work. All in all, virtual training provided great learning experience while being in the comfort of our offices."
– Eclipse RCP virtual class attendee

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